“Attending the Intensive Coach Training Programme made me feel much more confident as a leader.”

SCB Leadership Training Manager

“I’m looking for people to talk to about anything so I can prove to myself that the CREATE, SCARF, EAR, DANCE OF INSIGHT is applicable to any situation or subject and haven’t come to anything that it didn’t work with.”

TNS Training Manager

“Looking forward to help people through difficult situations and watching the light go on to see that it is not so difficult. Once they have thought and talked it through I could see me making it happen for myself.”

Ahmed Ahmeti

“I would like to acknowledge Ilze and Allan- amazing coaches very sweet lovely people, great job for hanging in there – I love working with you both. I think all of the coaches on the programme have been amazingly committed to the programme and I appreciate that – I feel great hope as we move forward as a company towards a more healthy coaching environment.”

Abi White – Learning & Development Manager – Tecom

“I would love to have created space for myself to coach 3 coachees simultaneously and to continue to develop myself in my coaching techniques and skills. I believe it will be fantastic if we meet regularly as internal coaches to share experiences and possibly practise techniques with each other to energise and inspire! Thank you Ilze & Allan for being awesome trainers.”

Tara Jackson – Director Learning & Development Jumeirah Beach Hotel

“I did not know what to expect in these three days, I am so happy that we made the decision to join the programme. It has been a wonderful experience and very knowledgeable. I’m looking forward to the coming 12 weeks and beyond.”

Aliya Sagheer


Michele Johnson – SERCO Talent & Reward Manager

“The whole experience has been an awakening journey – personally and professionally. The programme is fun and I’ve learnt many new skills. You have been very professional and the course is extremely structured which makes learning easy. I’m very excited about the next 12 weeks and my further education with you. THANK YOU!”

Isabella Strambio – Interior Designer

“Excellent course on coaching. Wonderful trainers that really understand the needs of people. I enjoyed the smaller group which ensures that everyone was engaged and participated fully. It was a fantastic confidence builder. This is the start of an exciting journey with Results Coaching Systems”

Mohamed Mehrez

“Very energetic and inspiring! Please keep it up; so many people can learn and benefit from your knowledge & skills.”

Natasha Bothma Training Manager – Dubai Airport Navigation Services

“Enrolling on the Results programme delivered my initial expectation of formally learning how to coach but more importantly I have become part of the incredibly supportive and friendly Results community that has made starting my own coaching business so much easier than anticipated.”

Tracey Meskin – PR Southern Sun Middle East

“The Results training programme was part of a life-changing few months. I expected to be a little cynical about the process and cherry pick what I wanted. Instead I was continually amazed at how much I was learning in every session about myself and about coaching. I am now applying many of the skills in diverse situations at work, from how I run meetings to how I support students and researchers. The trust and friendships that quickly develop among the group is also a special part of the training experience. I cannot praise the trainers highly enough – they brought a real authenticity to their expert facilitation and made it easy to believe that we could each equally find our own coaching voice.”

Janus Mulder – Manager Azadea Group

“This course has been extremely empowering and excellent value for money. At the start I found it hard to visualise myself running a coaching business but now with the support of top notch facilitators and my co-participants it feels absolutely do-able. Thank you!”

Anke Merkel

“For me, the course opened my mind (and heart) to the powerful possibilities of coaching, from the perspectives of both coach and coachee. The course facilitators ‘walked the talk’ throughout – through them we saw how the processes work and how to use them and in their integrity, personal authenticity and care we had a demonstration of the best of coaching. Looking forward to the next step!”

CD Kotze – FB Manager Southern Sun Middle East

“Thanks for the wonderful glowing support which you give to my life’s direction. You and Alan are truly creating a wonderful thing in the way that you are training brilliant people to be out in the world making a difference. The most amazing thing is how you ensure that they all do so from a position of love. I hope that I can help you and them to continue this journey.”

Dave Crane

“I thank you and Allan for letting me into your world. I’m doing my reading for our class tomorrow and I’m so excited – watch out world!”

Tony Finch

“I just wanted to say another thank you to yourself and Allan. I have had an amazing 3 days and as I sit here I can’t stop smiling. I have such a good feeling about the future and it’s largely down to you. You are amazing people with amazing energy. I can’t wait to learn more from you. I will look forward to our next meeting.”

Julie Vine

“I feel so happy deep inside tonight that I feel sharing that with you. Thank you! I cannot wait to have our first teleclass.”

Karine Angeleys