Creating a coaching culture at Jumeirah and trained 30 senior executives thus far to become internal coaches to the fast track talent management programme.

“Jumeirah Group has been working closely with Results Coaching FZ LLC since early 2010. What started as a limited project to develop a cohort of coaches to guide our Fast Track Graduates, has transformed into an Organisational wide Coaching Strategy. Results Coaching FZ LLC (and in particular Ilze Mulder and Allan Elias) have been instrumental in delivering a comprehensive and detailed development programme for our three cohorts of qualified coaches, including extremely personalised and inspiring support, knowledge and shared wisdom. This has resulted in highly skilled and motivated Jumeirah coaches who have achieved 100% pass rate in gaining their coaching accreditation. To date, the impact on the community of coachees has been marked, and enables us to differientate our programmes and learning offerings with the support of a Jumeirah Results Coach. Some of our senior coachees have even become inspired to become accredited coaches themselves!

In conjunction with the skilling of our coaches, Results Coaching are extremely pro-active in assisting us design our organisation-wide strategy (including the provision of benchmarking, case studies and other literature to provide global examples of successful Organisational Coaching programmes) and are currently conducting an Impact Study at organisational level for us to evaluate the qualitative and quantitative (to some degree) impact that our Coaching Strategy is achieving.

On a personal note, it is a huge privilege to be working with Allan and Ilze, their expertise, warmth in maintaining client relationships and the personalised approach towards Jumeirah is outstanding. We will continue to work with them closely in 2012 and beyond to actualise our Coaching Strategy which is starting to take global shape.”

Tara Jackson
Director of Learning and Development – Group & Corporate
Jumeirah Group