Learn the art and deeper science of coaching engagements

90-minute orientation teleclass + 3 days of intensive face-to-face training followed by 8 x 90-minute live weekly teleclasses + 2 final days of face-to-face training

NeuroLeadership Group’s Brain-Based Coaching Certificate is your opportunity to learn cutting-edge research-based tools and skills to help you effectively coach high performance, business focused individuals within the workplace or private practice. We define coaching as ‘facilitating positive change by improving thinking’. The coaching models at the core of this program draw from the hard science of how the brain works and provide practical tools to help you improve other people’s thinking and performance.

After participating in this program, you will understand the neuroscience behind insight-driven coaching conversations, goal-setting, and habit building that unlock new possibilities for robust interactions that translate into measurable results for your clients.
What sets Brain-Based Coaching apart?

This unique Brain-Based Coaching methodology is built upon an applied neuroscience foundation. Brain-Based Coaching is neuroscience-based, process-focused, and outcome driven, making this approach ideal for coaching high performing, business focused professionals. The approach draws from contemporary neuroscience, along with research from positive psychology, adult learning, systems and change theory.

Our definition of coaching is ‘facilitating positive change by improving thinking’. Coaches learn to work at the level of improving people’s underpinning thinking, helping people move through the stages of identifying impasses, to generating insights, then enabling actions, through to generating sustained new habits.

Delivery format designed with the brain in mind

Curriculum Overview

This program is designed for highly experiential learning achieved through a comprehensive range of models that illustrate best-practice, live modeling of skills, paired and group exercises where each participant gains hands-on practice and immediate feedback. Participants receive a comprehensive participant manual, flashcards and 60 hours of ICF-accredited coach training hours.

90-Minute Orientation teleclass: Prime your learning with neuroscience theory.
3 Days Face-to-Face Training: Develop Conversation Skills to master the Impass-Insight-Action-Habit conversations.
8 Weekly 90-minute teleclasses: Learn to facilitate effective Coaching Engagements via the Results Coaching System™.
2 Days Face-to-face Training: The Coach Toolkit will give you a much higher level of flexibility and effectiveness, significantly increasing their ability to facilitate awareness and change with their clients.

Coaching Skills modules:

Orientation – neuroscience foundations
Brain-based coaching theory
Brain-based communication
Conversations that generate
Impasse to insight
Insight to action
Emotional regulation
Bringing the conversation together
Action to habit
Goal setting
Elements of insightful conversations
Coaching with presence

Coaching Engagements Teleclass modules:

Starting the coaching engagement
The first session
The second session
Ongoing coaching sessions
Developing new habits
Progress and accountability
Completing the coaching engagement
Challenging coaching situations

Coach’s Toolkit Modules:
Vision and purpose
Values and strengths
Thinking tools
Working with emotion
Awareness tools
SCARF in coaching
Time and change management


International Coaching Federation (ICF) Accredited program.

All graduates of the Brain-based Coaching Certificate program will earn 60 accredited coach-specific training hours, meeting the minimum education requirement to apply for an ICF ACC credential. Graduates are equipped with knowledge of the ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics and core coaching skills.



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